Rustic Ceiling Cladding

Composition: Recycled Hardwood (Sleeper) Timber skins.

Description: Staggered hardwood sleeper skins with rough edges.

Look: Rustic.

Approx Size: Plank width ave: 240mm.

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Circular Wall Clock

Composition: Light duty Concrete & Softwood Timber

Description: Circular light duty concrete wall mounted clock with oversize rectangular timber dials. Pitted or smooth surface available

Look: Minimalistic

Size: 300mm Diameter x 25mm thick

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Old School Bar Counter

Composition: Hardwood Timber (Photo: Teak).

Description: Laminated hardwood timber top with matching down stand aprons.

Look: Classic.

Approx Size: 600mm wide with 100mm aprons

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Conventional Coffee Table

Composition: Light duty Concrete & Hardwood Timber.

Description: Square-shaped exposed aggregate concrete top with solid hardwood timber legs.

Look: Minimalistic Contemporary

Size: 900mm wide x 900mm deep x 400mm high

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Classic Crib

Composition: Combination of Harwood, Softwood & Plywood timber

Description: Irregular laminated hardwood timber headboards with slotted plywood side panels and adjustable crib platform.

Look: Timeless Classic

Size: 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 900mm high

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Countryside Kitchen Table

Composition: Recycled Hardwood (Sleeper) Timber.
(Photo: Selected Iron Wood)

Description: Laminated hardwood sleeper planks solid legs.

Look: Countryside

Size: 1500mm long x 1500mm wide x 800mm high (40mm thick top).

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Flute Light

Composition: Light duty concrete

Description: Flute shaped concrete dome with downlight fitting.

Look: Minimalistic.

Size: 150mm dia. mouth (measured at angle) x 35mm dia. apex x 180mm high

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Rustic Hardwood Wall Cladding

Composition: Recycled Hardwood (Sleeper) Timber. (Photo: Various Types)

Description: Staggered hardwood sleeper skins with smooth edges.

Look: Rustic.

Size: Plank width Ave. 90 to 130mm

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Oblique Wall Clock

Composition: Harwood Timber & Light duty Concrete

Description: Rounded Rectangle wall mounted clock with 50/50 oblique split and timber dials.

Look: Classic Contemporary.

Size: 500mm x 500mm x 20mm thick

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Dome Light

Composition: Light duty concrete and solid brass

Description: Concrete dome with machined brass light fitting and matching ceiling cup.

Look: Classic Minimalistic

Size: 150mm dia. x 60mm high

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Rustic Softwood Wall Cladding

Composition: Recycled Softwood Timber. (Photo: SA Pine)

Description: Staggered Softwood planks (rough or smooth finish) with custom cut-outs as required.

Look: Rustic.

Size: Plank width ave. 90mm.

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Waterfall Shelf

Composition: Hardwood Timber & Light duty Concrete

Description: Diagonal Hardwood Timber posts with staggered light duty rectangular concrete shelf inserts. No visible fixing points. Stand alone or wall mounted.

Look: Minimalistic Contemporary

Size: 1800mm high x 600mm wide overall.

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